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Textiel Museum Under the Skin

Under the skin, 30 May 2015 till 20 September 2015

With sculptures of fabric and human hair inhabiting a realm between the human and animal; Icarus-like swan wings that symbolise man’s powerlessness; and blankets twisted into large skeletons: ‘Under the Skin’ is about vulnerability, life, pain and protection. This exhibition brings together sculptures, installations and films by artists near and far. The themes touch our very being, as does the material of choice: textiles. 

Textiles are soft, flexible and tactile. They offer warmth, protection and comfort. We cover ourselves in them every day, and in art they often denote femininity. Yet nowadays, textiles have come to evoke much broader associations. So intimately entwined with humanity, this medium lends itself to addressing life’s great issues. From threatening balaclavas and sweet flowery dresses to ‘harnesses’ of discarded carpets, or antlers bound in cloth: the pieces in ‘Under the Skin’ explore feelings of attraction and repulsion. 

‘Under the Skin’ presents work by the following artists: Karin Arink (NL), Madeleine Berkhemer (NL), Clarina Bezzola (USA/CH), Sara Bomans (B), Célio Braga (BR/NL), Berlinde De Bruyckere (B), Birgit Dieker (D), Didier Faustino (FR/PT), Esther de Groot (NL/SE), Rebecca Horn (D), Maartje Korstanje (NL), LucyandBart (NL/GB) / Nick Knight (GB), Tomoko Mukaiyama (JP/NL), Anne van de Pals (NL), Grayson Perry (GB), Alet Pilon (NL), Chrystl Rijkeboer (NL), Hinke Schreuders (NL), Marian Schoettle (USA), Misato Unno (JP/NL), Levi van Veluw (NL), Lie van de Werff (NL), Erwin Wurm (AT), and Ray Zijlstra (NL).

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