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Symbols of persuasion Gallery Rosenfeld London

Solo exhibition Symbols of Persuasion Opening 10 May

Levi van Veluw | Symbols of Persuasion 
10 May - 16 June 2022 Gallery Rosenfeld London

Drawing on the experience of having a Grandfather who is a pastor, Levi has always been fascinated by the idea of religion and the many artefacts which surround it.
All Levi’s projects up to this moment have been concerned with creating alternative worlds which somehow bear a vague semblance to ours, whilst also remaining very distinct.

He intends to open up vistas of another world to stimulate our reflection on the world we inhabit. This concept applies equally well to religion(s). It is the inherent mystery surrounding religious objects and the ideas, beliefs, and fears that they can conjure up in the viewer which so fascinates him as the process is close to his aims. As religions have their basis in belief, the images, whatever they recount, are always open to interpretation which avoids anything becoming too didactic.

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Serenity, 188cm, 2022, polymer clay pigments metal frame