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Hyeres 23 Festival 2008

Livraison, ville de Hyeres, Pictures from the 3rd issue of Livraison magazine (Sweden)What is more inspiring; to know it all or wonder what is hidden under the surface? If you heard a story about a young, handsome and quite marvellous man, who after a sudden fall from the top of the stairs ended up dead and was discovered to wear a mask, what would you think? Under the mask his real, old face was revealed, covered with awfulblisters. The ladies didn't know how to react. His death deprived them a love of their life, but also saved them from being foolish with anold man. They asked themselves why he had worn the mask but couldn't find the answer.
In the concept magazine of Livraison, this story was the beginning of an issue about hidden faces and secrets. What do we have to hide and how do we hide it? Or is the mask a way to show the world how we see ourselves?
In collaboration with villa Noailles, Livraison selected the best ones to show in the city of Hyeres. A mix of ugly, horrifying, beautiful and weird masks. Who do you see behind it?